Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics

Why Probiotics are Good for the Scalp

If you haven’t heard of probiotics, they’re the good bacteria that can do wonders for your body. We all have probiotics in our gut which helps keep our digestive system healthy. However, some recent studies have indicated that using probiotics on your scalp can make amazing changes to your hair. Here’s all you need to know about probiotics and the benefits that they have.

- Prevent Hair Fall
Probiotics are proven to reduce skin inflammation that is the number one cause of hair fall. By relaxing the skin on the scalp, you’re allowing the fair follicles to strengthen, which drastically reduces hair fall.

- Strengthen Immune System
Probiotics are anti-inflammatory on their own. Apart from that, they also promote the release of anti-inflammatory T-cells, which strengthen your immune system and help your scalp combat foreign bacteria and germs. This improves the blood flow to the follicles and reduces the chance of patchy hair.

-  Stabilizes Your Hormones
Hormone imbalance is one of the top reasons why people (especially females) get hair loss. By taking in probiotics, you’re constantly building up a lining of probiotics bacteria along the lines of your intestine. This helps you improve your metabolism, which in turn stabilizes hormones and prevents hair loss.
What Probiotics Should You Buy?
If the benefits above were enough to convince you and you’re looking to buy probiotics, here are some of the products on the market you can try out.


3. Physician’s Choice 60 Billion Probiotic
Physician’s Choice’s probiotics are one of the most potent forms of probiotics on the market. Their main selling point is the fact that they have 60 billion CFUs per serving of these probiotics. They’re manufactured in the United States and have gone through severe third-party testing to ensure product safety.


2. Aveeno Kefir Prebiotic Blend Shampoo
If medications just aren’t the thing for you, you’ll absolutely love this shampoo. Instead of having to intake probiotics orally, you can conveniently apply them with this shampoo! It soothes the scalps and helps you properly nourish your hair strands by giving them a balanced scalp which results in healthy, thick, and beautiful hair that you are looking for!


1. Contently
At number one on our list is none other than Contently! Contently is our version of revitalizing shampoos and conditioners meant to significantly improve your scalp and completely change up your hair game! We have a range of products available on the market for full-fledge scalp soothing and treatment to ensure that you receive the right amount of moisturizing, strength, and cleansing to repair damaged hair and keep your scalp pH-balanced! If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop product for all your hair-related needs, Contently is probably the best brand you can buy.

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