Ingredients Sourced with Love. Contents Formulated with Care.


Revitalizing Shampoo Review

"Love this shampoo. Bubble sizes are micro-bubbles, easy to make a big fluff. I think it gives cooling effect to my scalp, which feels very refreshing."

Alexis S.

Sleek Conditioner Review

"I am not kidding the best conditioner I've ever had. As soon as I put it on my hair it turns into silk-like feel."

Sydney F.


"I have gotten several compliments on my hair since getting this product. Makes my hair fluffy."


Reviews Are True

"Great product. Reviews are true. Salon quality for low price."

Isabella G.

Scalp Soothing Care Review

"It feels cool and wonderful on the scalp. My scalp feel a so good! I will definitely buy this again."


Contently From California

Brand Story

CONTENTS MADE WITH CARE is the epitome of what we at Contently, strive for. At Contently we want to be the solution, not just a temporary fix. We've scoured the earth from east to west for the perfect blend of ingredients that transforms and protects your hair.

Contently is constantly inspired by the endless ingredients we can find from the earth and sea. For our first series, the After All! product line is derived from the famous Californian citrus harvest. The blend of oranges, grapefruit, and lemon is infused in each product to spread the comfort and beauty of California's heritage in our everyday lives.

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