Introducing Contently's After All! Series

Introducing Contently's After All! Series

Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing hundreds of hair strands every day. Are you struggling with dull hair too? Hazardous irritants when combine with our harsh hair care products, end up to something even worse for our hair.
And we end up fighting with dry and tangled hair every day, and then losing even more strands detangling them makes it even more frustrating. Taming this mess is complicated indeed, and even worse if you’re missing out on the newest trends of hair care solutions. Put this combat to an end and synchronize to nature’s symphony with Contently's After All Series,
portable scalp treatment products that ensure scalp strengthening leaving behind irresistibly fresh fruity fragrances. These three top-notch products are going to change your life for good!
So stick around ladies. A moisturizing blend of 100% natural vegetable oils and seven different types of hyaluronic acids forms a protective layer against all the irritants, and that makes it our favorite liquid conditioner for a thorough scalp strengthening treatment. It takes hardly 3 seconds to lock moisture into the scalp ensuring an apparent decline in hair fall leaving a cooling sensation.


Revitalizing Shampoo

Your regular “nourishing” shampoos are all the way stuffed with silicon and other chemicals that led your hair to damage and protein disruption. Contently’s Revitalizing Black shampoo has you covered up with a mildly acidic medium that exposes your hair to pH-balancing hair care treatment. Maintaining a healthy pH is highly crucial to a healthier scalp and ultimately healthier hair. Contently is determined to design a miraculous blend of 100% safe and healthy ingredients like super-food black barley and California citrus complex that takes merely 3 seconds in every single wash to make your hair glossier, healthier, and thicker. Say goodbye to false hair extensions for the extra volume every time. Contently products are not only gentle to your hair but to your pocket too, get your revitalizing black shampoo at


Sleek Conditioner

We have all been using conditioners, but they all contain harmful substances like silicon, and we don’t want that, do we? Choosing healthier products is important no matter what age you are, it's never too late to take the right steps when it comes to beauty. Contently's Sleek Conditioner is a precious blend of Panthenol, Ceramide NP, and macadamia seed oil that deeply penetrates the membranes ensuring thorough nourishment inside out. 


Scalp Soothing Care Treatment

The polluted environment is harsh on your hair, but your hair care products shouldn’t be. Ultraviolet rays, dust particles, and other irritants hinder your way to a healthier scalp and prettier hair, but Contently scalp soothing care treatment has got your back here too. It ensures a deep cleansing therapy that fights all irritants within 3 seconds with its perfectly blended treatment of 60.4% probiotics complex, ginger, and black bean extract. Being gentle to your scalp doesn’t really mean investing a lot on it, get Contently hair care solutions from

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