After All! Sleek Conditioner

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4-in-1 Contently Made Formula

A daily, super hydrating conditioner that strengthens damaged hair and helps prevent future breakage. This conditioner strengthens and nourishes your needy hair. Blended with a unique formula that changes from clear liquid to a creamy texture to improve hair damage that has accumulated over time.


  • CONTAINS MENTHOL to relieve scalp stress by providing a soothing sensation. Refresh your scalp by spraying the treatment frequently.
  • FRICTION from massaging the scalp induces a slight steam-like (warm) reaction that creates a cooling sensation after a few seconds of massaging. The purpose of the steam mask reaction is to increase the absorption rate of the nutrients into the scalp and hair. The cooling sensation that comes after is a cooling effect to lock cuticles in with moisture.
  • CONTAINS NO Silicon, NO DHT, NO PEG, NO Artificial Fragrance, NO Synthetic Dye, NO Mineral Oil, and Much more.
  • OPTIMAL pH 5.5 SCALP BALANCE TREATMENT. Our treatment contains natural pH balancing properties to achieve the ultimate healthy scalp environment. **Hypoallergenic test completed!

Safety Information

Consult with a physician if you have any abnormal symptoms such as red spots, swelling, itching etc. from using the product.


Use once a day, after shampooing. 1. Replace the flat cap with tip cap. 2. Turn the tip cap counterclockwise (Do not pull apart the tip cap). 3. Moisten the hair and scalp with warm water. 4. Then spread and massage evenly to the hair and scalp. 5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.